Rising to the challenges of the future together through manufacturing.

We believe that “the employees themselves are the MATSUOKA brand.”
We continue to rise to the challenges of the future for the Japanese manufacturing industry through global expansion.

President Message


You feel a positive reaction as your horizons broaden.

Women find it a very pleasant workplace environment.
There’s a great team atmosphere. Everyone feels at ease. The corporate culture is that everyone works hard and helps each other. If someone is struggling with a problem, their colleagues will always rally round.
There are currently six female employees. It’s a very sympathetic working environment so employees feel quite comfortable consulting each other about school or family matters if they need to. Maybe that’s why we have some very long-serving employees!
The joy of making drawings coming to life
I use 3D-CAD and other tools to create design drawings for parts. It’s exciting here because I see the drawings I’ve made take on form and substance, and then get used by our customers overseas. The company actively supports us in focusing on what we want to at work. It gives us opportunities to gain new insights by sending us to our customers’ design departments. I think the work environment offers us plenty of opportunities to broaden our horizons.

Y.I, Design Department


A company that is on the way to being TOP achiever through motivation and effort

Working here is a great responsibility, but it’s also so much fun!
The finishing department takes care of the final processes before delivery to our customers. I‘m happy to be involved with the molds that are vital to our customers’ production capabilities. I’m proud that these are also used overseas. Our customers have very high expectations of us. We feel a great sense of accomplishment on completion of a mold after all the team effort that goes into the various processes.
Valuing communication
Although we are in the manufacturing industry, we are not just dealing with “inanimate objects”. Communication and connections between people are essential too. Everyone at MATSUOKA TEKKOSHO is happy here and feels comfortable working here. However, rather than feeling relaxed about this, I’m totally focused on my own personal development growth and the growth of the company.

H.Y, Finishing Department


Employees look out for each other. They are just like family or friends.

You never feel like nationality is an issue at this company.
Everyone here is warm and friendly. They really help me in my work so I’ve been able to learn this job much faster than I’d expected. Everyone is treated the same, wherever they’re from. Foreigners get as much credit for their work as the Japanese. I don’t become homesick and now I love Japan as much as I do Vietnam.
I want to work harder and to develop my skills.
I feel that Japanese people love their work and always give their best. I also want to be able to do my work faster and quicker by studying hard and improving what I do. I will continue to do my best to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

P.V.T, CAM Department


They let me do what I want and follow up helpfully when I need.

Ideal environment for engineers
CAD / CAM technology is constantly advancing. It is necessary to continue to evolve and build new technologies every day. In addition, MATSUOKA TEKKOSHO has many joint development projects with different industries. I sometimes feel a bit nervous at work, but at the same time, I feel excited and exhilarated.
In order to help MATSUOKA become a world-class company, I want to develop so that I can make a contribution to the company and our customers and provide meaningful solutions to difficult problems.
Relationships with people are vitally important too.
Most of the engineers work with machines, but I also have some experience of training Vietnamese engineers. I’ve learned how to bridge differences in language and culture, and skills in teaching. This is a valuable asset that you can’t pick up just from working in the CAM Department alone. I continue to value my relationships and hope to improve my skills to pass them on to others.

R.I, CAM Department


The brand franchise that drives the growth of MATSUOKA TEKKOSHO is the employees themselves.

What we are looking for is “human resources who can learn and think on their own and relish the challenge of realizing new value through teamwork.”
MATSUOKA TEKKOSHO manufactures custom-made one-of-a-kind products. In other words, it’s not a job with an established routine like assembly line work. We need to think, plan and communicate with each other to make preparations, and to improve our knowledge and skills. For example, I think there are some similarities to team sports such as baseball and volleyball.
In sport you also find yourself not knowing how to start or what to do. But your passion drives you on, you make an effort and team up with people you don’t know and work towards your goals.
There is basic training and exercise, practice so you get used to working as a team, and possibly even a few tears along the way! There are also moments of celebration when everything comes together through helping each other.
The same is true for our work. We have goals, we challenge ourselves to improve, we support each other and achieve results.
Although we haven’t met yet, we sincerely hope that you will be interested in what we do and that we can work together for a fulfilling and rewarding life.

Human resources opportunities

Sales Department

The strategic group that oversees the growth of the company, understands the needs of customers, and drives the business forward
We value responsiveness to help our sales force provide custom-made one-of-a-kind products

Engineering Department

The pre-production department whose role is to quickly convert customer needs into drawings and data to maximize partnership capabilities with our group factories

Manufacturing Department

The supply group that transforms strategy and production arrangements in pursuit of profits growth and proving joy to customers


Guidelines for Applicants

Job Openings – Technical sales (domestic and Thailand)
– Mold designer
– CAM operator
– Machine operator / general-purpose machining
– Mold assembly and adjustment
Qualification requirements Negotiable based on technical skills, experience, qualifications, etc.
Working hours 8:15-17:10
* Flextime system
Non-working day Annual paid leave: 110 days (including 2 holidays with pay)
Maternity / childcare leave is available. Reduced work schedules can also be arranged.
Pay rise Annually (April)
Bonus Semi-annually (summer and winter)
Award system Long-term service commendation, Outstanding Employee award
Welfare program Company outing (unscheduled)
New Year party / year-end party
Cherry-blossom viewing (annually in April, on the company premises)
Bowling competition (annually in April)
Barbecue (unscheduled, in front of the company cafeteria)
Convivial gathering by deployment (as needed)
Available accommodation
– Mikawawan Resort Linx


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